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Control Powering Your Cellphones or any other Small Electrical Devices With Solar Power!

The type Power 6-watt folding solar charger with power bank 5.0 is a great portable charging system to supply power for all your handy and essential gadgets on the go. Excellent for emergencies, camping, hiking, traveling or any outdoor activity when traditional power supplies are not available. This compact system can fit in a typical size back pack or luggage for the traveling needs. Recharges iPads, cell phones, handheld games and video players, tablets, cameras, GPS and other portable electronics which might be pre-loaded with usb port spot.

This compact, lightweight solar energy charging strategy is completely portable in one kit and is an opportune tool for charging lots of different smartphones as well as other portable gadgets which might be pre-loaded with a USB. Two charging options; Use the 6 watt folding screen 5.5 volt USB output to directly charge your small computer during the day, simply just plug your device to the USB input port around the solar cell, then place the solar cell in sunlight, designed with handy O-rings will let you hang the product for convenient charging. Or maybe use the power banks powerful 5000m Amp Lithium-Polymer Battery to hold power so that you can charge two devices simultaneously anytime, anywhere 24 hours a day. Designed with an uncomplicated to see battery status indicator, notifys you the amount power you may have. When the system needs to be recharged just simply plug into your included 6-Watt screen, then position the solar cell in sunlight providing you with endless hours of power anytime.

To save you time you can even charge the device with the included AC adapter allowing you to plug into any electrical outlet or you can utilize USB port cable to plug to your laptop for quick charging. The power station comes with a brilliant over-charge/ discharge/ over-current and short-circuit protection to help keep your complete electronics resistant to over charging or discharging.
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Post by jewelpastor4 (2017-02-16 06:12)

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